Manifesto for Finnish event production: Why we are content with the mediocre?

December 5, 2021

Finns are passionate about their events.

This week, an arena opened in Tampere is world-class by any measure. The first sold-out events have already been carried out there. However, the feedback and writings on these events have not been rave. According to the feedback in the arena, the music was playing too loud, the script of the event was completely missing at times, the graphic and technical materials did not meet expectations.

Based on the feedback it seems that the production of events has been left out. The arena alone does create a framework for world-class events, but it does not in itself create an event. Or the atmosphere.

Why is it that in Finland we do not invest in event production with the passion and professionalism it requires? When in fact the general debate amongst event organizers actually revolves around the need to create more and better content in order to compete for viewers.

This is not taken seriously, however. Most of the top domestic events are still run by a huge army of volunteers. It’s a very respectable thing so “hats off”. But I argue that without the strong grip of professionals, you won’t be able to do world-class events. In tough and creative situations, it’s hard to ask volunteers to stretch and transcend themselves out of love for the sport alone. Professionals can and must demand a better level so that we transcend ourselves every time.

The atmosphere and content of events is not created without the right kind of production. The expertise of professionals is required in the planning of the event and especially in their conduct. After all, we don’t want to underestimate viewers either, and offer semi-lukewarm and empty promises in exchange for ticket money.

I also argue that by investing in the content and production of the events, we will certainly get more viewers and consumers of the services and also reach a higher level of satisfaction.

A very good example of this is the Finnish TV series, which today are of interest all over the world. These have focused on the right types of screenwriters, directors and actors. Quite the same blocks as there must be in the passage of the puddle.

Especially at sporting events, nothing will change if you do not dare to take the next step in a more professional direction in productions. The first step is to put the production in order and ensure that the event is a positive experience for the viewer. The experience becomes holistic when you also invest in a side program at the event. The organizer needs to be prepared to design different content and activities for the growing needs of the viewer. I argue that well-designed content also makes it easier to get partners involved to enable more diverse productions.

Would it now be time to decide that we urgently want to put things right and show the rest of the world a model in this area too.

A passionate event producer
Matti Tammisto