We create
influential meetings
and valuable relationships
with skill and passion.

We have had the opportunity to work on events of all sizes, the largest of which have been arena and outdoor events. As an event organizer, we have been able to create exceptional and unforgettable events where our customers and the target audience have experienced impressive and successful experiences.

Our innovative way of implementing events has received tremendous positive feedback, as we work so that the customer's individual goals and aspirations, as well as the needs of the participants, are at the heart of the design and implementation. In addition, we listen and come up with ideas according to the customer's wishes, for example with the organisation's marketing and personnel team.

We offer

  • organizational skills
  • project management experience
  • problem solving skills
  • achievement of the objectives
  • knowledge of transaction standards & regulations
  • diversity & responsibility vision
  • value added return

And most of all, an imaginative event implementation.



which is centered to the meeting.

Mitä olemme tehneet?

What we've done?

Over the years, we have been able to carry out amazing events with our great clients. Here are some of them:

What's cooking?

Global accessibility through a hybrid AGM

It was a very nice feeling the other day as I realized that my previous blog post on Annual General Meetings got a lot of positive attention. The importance of a sense of ownership was extended by the readers to include other events and other stakeholders. Could not agree more!

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Listed company: AGM as a means of generating commitment amongst shareholders?

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Manifesto for Finnish event production: Why we are content with the mediocre?

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Events boost life and the economy

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Sympa TALK kuuluu järjestämiimme tapahtumiin.

Have you got an event to host?

Whether it’s a world-class sporting or cultural event, a general meeting, an organization party event, or a company staff day; we will give you all the help you need. We work consistently to bring value to you and your participants at every stage of the event. Our starting point is to exceed your expectations every time. As experienced professionals in the event and experience business, we also achieve this goal. JIM Seven knows how to create a risk-free framework for your event to succeed.