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Toimitusjohtaja Matti Tammisto maskotin kanssa Euro Basket 2017 -urheilutapahtumassa

With decades of experience - having organized thousands of events and hundreds of arena events in Finland - we know how important a successful event is. Our client's individual goals and the needs of the participants are at the heart of event planning and implementation - always.

As an event company, we want to offer our customers impressive experiences; from corporate staff events and annual meetings to world-class outdoor events and concerts - cost-effectively and making the customer's daily life easier.

We serve various communities also outside events. As engineers of meetings we help for example event organizers and their partners, associations and their donors, and sports clubs and their sponsors to systematically grow the value of their cooperation.

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Helsinki Ice
Challenge 2017

As part of the Finland’s 100th anniversary celebration, in which two teams in the Finnish Championship League; Helsinki IFK and Oulu Ermines ‘Oulun Kärpät’ played against each other. In another match two teams were represented from the Continental Hockey League (KHL); Finnish Jokers 'Jokerit' against Russian SKA Saint Petersburg.

Crew members in preparation: 500
Working people at the event: 550
Attendees: 17 600

Dozens of participant organizations were involved in the Helsinki Ice Challenge, and the schedule was tight. JIM Seven made sure everyone involved knew all the time who was doing what and in what order. It was also a big advantage for us that the creative design of the marketing materials came from the same house as the design of the event. The nearly sold-out event shows that JIM Seven was also a great success in terms of stakeholder sales and consumer marketing.

Jukka Kohonen
CEO, Jokerit

Sympa talk

JIM (Seven) collaboration is easy, effortless and time-saving. We can be confident that in the overall picture of the event, our desire for the quality and nature will be maintained in every detail. JIM also acts as an excellent interpreter between us and the technology, ensuring the seamless implementation of the technical and the right resources on our part. We can rest assured that the performance, images and videos, as well as the sound, will play together and be top notch every time. As a holistic professional, JIM generally adds value to our events. We get a lot of ideas and, thanks to JIM's experience, we know how to prepare for unexpected things."

Head of CX, Sympa Oy

Eurobasket 2017

The Group A matches of the 40th European Basketball Championships were held at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. The Finnish national team ‘Susijengi’ (“Wolf Gang”) was faced by Slovenia, France, Greece, Iceland and Poland. In the opening match, the new attendance record of the national basketball team games managed to reach a 51-year record!

Volunteers in preparation and at the event: 800
Working people at the event: 25
Attendees over: 12 000

European Championships were a huge success, and the spectator comfort was top notch. The professional team was put together by Matti so he played a substantial role in that. Since then, our cooperation has continued closely. From the point of view of the event organizer, it is nice that there is a rock-hard professional like Matti on the show side."

Mika Mäkelä
Event and Experience Director, Basketball Finland


Huhtamäki Oyj is a Finnish company focusing on the manufacture of responsible consumer packaging for food and takeaway food. For Public limited companies (BLC), the role of the Annual General Meeting in its effectiveness is significant and we are pleased to be involved in conducting the Annual General Meetings for Huhtamaki's shareholders, the press and media.

It’s worth working with you because you have your own vision for the events and you boldly bring it up. In the spirit of 'yes yes', you are not fulfilling the customer's wishes blindly. Instead, you are sparring, proposing and making the end result better. The projects also go smoothly with you, because you take good control of your own part of the project, plan and implement it on your own. However, you will ask for more information when needed, which is does not require much effort from the customer. In addition, you take care of the customer's resources on the budget side and hereby provide more Bang for the buck.”

Arto Gröndahl
Manager, Public Affairs, Huhtamaki Oyj

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Events boost life and the economy

The Covid-19 and the restrictions imposed to curb, it collapsed the turnover of companies in the event industry. The plight of the industry was not obvious to policymakers or the media, as the entire industry has, in a way, flown under the radar. This is due, among other things, to international statistical practices. The event domain consists of actors who are statistically spread across many different domains.

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Whether it’s a world-class sporting or cultural event, a general meeting, an organization party event, or a company staff day; we will give you all the help you need. We work consistently to bring value to you and your participants at every stage of the event. Our starting point is to exceed your expectations every time. As experienced professionals in the event and experience business, we also achieve this goal. JIM Seven knows how to create a risk-free framework for your event to succeed.