Our team has had the honor of hosting important events for hundreds of different companies and organizations; customer events, trade fairs, partner events, staff events, federations, conferences, general meetings, concerts, sporting events...

Below are selected experiences of our customers working with us:

100% customer satisfaction.

Eniro Oy, Dynava brand launch event

A very successful event was organized on a quick schedule. You had good ideas to put forward at the very beginning and at the same time arguments for what is good to invest. You were able to immediately outline the whole and what was our goal. We also stayed on budget."

Lenita Pihl-Salminen
Director, Sales and Marketing, Eniro Oy

Sympa Oy, stakeholder event

JIM (Seven) collaboration is easy, effortless and time-saving. We can be confident that in the overall picture of the event, our desire for the quality and nature will be maintained in every detail. JIM also acts as an excellent interpreter between us and the technology, ensuring the seamless implementation of the technical and the right resources on our part. We can rest assured that the performance, images and videos, as well as the sound, will play together and be top notch every time. As a holistic professional, JIM generally adds value to our events. We get a lot of ideas and, thanks to JIM's experience, we know how to prepare for unexpected things. "

Kati Tammisto
Head of CX, Sympa Oy

"Perhaps the most important thing is to minimize stress in all its simplicity and to know that the event is in good hands."

Kim Koivula
Head of Marketing, Sympa Oy

Huhtamäki Oyj – Annual general meeting customer

It’s worth working with you because you have your own vision for the events and you boldly bring it up. In the spirit of 'yes yes', you are not fulfilling the customer's wishes blindly. Instead, you are sparring, proposing and making the end result better. The projects also go smoothly with you, because you take good control of your own part of the project, plan and implement it on your own. However, you will ask for more information when needed, which is does not require much effort from the customer. In addition, you take care of the customer's resources on the budget side and hereby provide more Bang for the buck.”

Arto Gröndahl
Manager, Public Affairs, Huhtamäki Oyj

Bright Finland Oy, implementing partner

We have been working successfully with JIM Seven for several years. Our partnership has always been based on trust, respect for each other and open communication. What is agreed upon is also what it holds. With iron-reinforced professionals like Matti, nothing is impossible, but the goal is always to find the best possible solution to the customer's challenges. It has been an honor to build a partnership with JIM Seven.”

Mika Smolander
Director, Sales and Marketing, Bright Finland Oy

HIFK-Hockey Oy Ab,
Kaisaniemi outdoor match event

Helsinki Ice Challenge was a big event. The pressure was intense, and unexpected situations arose along the way. Matti's positivity remained under intense pressure, and a good teamwork found a solution to all the problems. The end result was a completely successful event."

Jukka Valtanen

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