Volunteers in preparation and at the event


Working people at the event

12 000+




Match events where Susijengi focuses on gaming and we focus on producing high-end events where there was no room for technical error

The Group A matches of the 40th European Basketball Championships were held at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. The Finnish national team ‘Susijengi’ (“The Wolf Gang”) was faced by Slovenia, France, Greece, Iceland and Poland. In the opening match, the new attendance record of the national basketball team games managed to reach a 51-year record!

In addition, we have also organized Susijengi The Wolf gang matches in the Espoo Metro arena, where there is really no lack of sound and emotion!


European Championships were a huge success, and the spectator comfort was top notch. The professional team was put together by Matti so he played a substantial role in that. Since then, our cooperation has continued closely. From the point of view of the event organizer, it is nice that there is a rock-hard professional like Matti on the show side."

Mika Mäkelä
Event and Experience Director, Basketball Finland

This is basketball and based on the feedback, we succeeded in the three-point throw!