Helsinki Ice
Challenge 2017


Crew members in preparation


Working people
at the event



An event that turned into a spectacle that exceeded the expectations of all parties.

The Helsinki ice challenge was organized as part of Finland's 100th anniversary celebration, with two teams in the Finnish Championship League; Helsinki IFK and Oulu Ermines “Oulun Kärpät” faced each other. In the second match, two teams were represented from the Continental Hockey League (KHL); Finnish Jokers "Jokers" against Russian SKA Saint Petersburg.

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Helsinki Ice Challenge 2017

Dozens of participant organizations were involved in the Helsinki Ice Challenge, and the schedule was tight. JIM Seven made sure everyone involved knew all the time who was doing what and in what order. It was also a big advantage for us that the creative design of the marketing materials came from the same house as the design of the event. The nearly sold-out event shows that JIM Seven was also a great success in terms of stakeholder sales and consumer marketing.

Jukka Kohonen
CEO, Jokerit