Annual general meetings that tell a story

Huhtamäki Oyj is a Finnish company focusing on the manufacture of responsible consumer packaging for food and takeaway food. For Public limited companies (BLC), the role of the Annual General Meeting in its effectiveness is significant and we are pleased to be involved in conducting the Annual General Meetings for Huhtamaki's shareholders, the press and media.

Huhtamäki AGM

It’s worth working with you because you have your own vision for the events and you boldly bring it up. In the spirit of 'yes yes', you are not fulfilling the customer's wishes blindly. Instead, you are sparring, proposing and making the end result better. The projects also go smoothly with you, because you take good control of your own part of the project, plan and implement it on your own. However, you will ask for more information when needed, which is does not require much effort from the customer. In addition, you take care of the customer's resources on the budget side and hereby provide more Bang for the buck.”

Arto Gröndahl
Manager, Public Affairs, Huhtamaki Oyj