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SYMPA TALK is growing and evolving

The annual Sympa TALK brings together HR professionals from around the world. As a result of Covid-19, we have implemented the previous events virtually.In a hybrid or virtual event, such as Sympa TALK, the success of the technical implementation is at the heart of the event’s success so that inspirational speeches are heard and performers are seen.

Sympa TALK

JIM (Seven) collaboration is easy, effortless and time-saving. We can be confident that in the overall picture of the event, our desire for the quality and nature will be maintained in every detail. JIM also acts as an excellent interpreter between us and the technology, ensuring the seamless implementation of the technical and the right resources on our part. We can rest assured that the performance, images and videos, as well as the sound, will play together and be top notch every time. As a holistic professional, JIM generally adds value to our events. We get a lot of ideas and, thanks to JIM's experience, we know how to prepare for unexpected things."

Head of CX, Sympa Oy